Adult Emergency Shelter


The Union County Community Shelter operates an Adult Emergency Shelter for the  homeless population of Union County as space allow. Shelter guests should be drug and alcohol free and be free of all weapons. All participants must be civil and adhere to Shelter policies, including participating in chores as instructed.

Emergency Shelter guests should check into the Community Shelter between 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. and may be assigned a cot for sleeping. A nightly shower will be required upon entry. All guests will be allowed a limited amount of baggage.

The Emergency Shelter is reserved for those truly experiencing homelessness. Because our  current facility is very cramped, Emergency Shelter guests must leave the property after breakfast between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Case management services are provided for all clients at the Emergency Shelter with those showing active progress receiving priority. Case management activities include: resources to work toward employment, budgeting, savings, community referrals to address physical and mental health issues, and life skills instruction. Clients must participate in these services to remain in the program and satisfactorily show progress toward their independent living goals, while awaiting rapid re-housing opportunities. Guest stays are limited and will be reviewed with each guest upon entry.

While living at the Community Shelter, clients have access to three meals daily and other supportive services. Unwillingness to participate in case management services or inappropriate behavior can be grounds for immediate dismissal. Absolutely no illegal drugs, alcohol or weapons will be allowed on site. There are a limited number of adult male and adult female beds for this program. Families with children should apply for the Family Emergency Housing Program.

As we are a small, private agency funded  by local Union County donations, we can only serve residents who lived in Union County prior to their homelessness. Out of county and out of state referrals are not accepted.

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