Rapid Re-Housing

“To eliminate homelessness, put people in housing”

The Community Shelter is committed to not only providing emergency shelter for single adults and families, but also to help stabilize the homeless into permanent housing. Clients first enter our adult shelter program or our family motel program. If appropriate, clients work closely with both a case manager and a housing stabilization coordinator to develop an affordable housing plan and the means to support that housing plan long term including employment, health issues, budgeting, etc.

Our Housing Stabilization Coordinator is always on the lookout to meet new landlords and evaluate the appropriateness of vacant properties that may fit a client’s needs. She arranges meetings with the clients, landlords, and the faith/civic group “support team”, so that everyone understands their responsibilities and the common goal of stabilizing long term housing for the client and their family.

Additionally, with our Harvest House and Promise Partners models, we invite faith groups, civic groups, and community-minded citizens who want to help in a “hands on” way to house a homeless family/ individual. Utilizing both empty properties on an annual “zero lease” basis to UCCS and supporting families that lease their own property, we are finding meaningful solutions to homelessness. A key component for both programs is the faith/civic group’s 6-10 person “support team” for each family in the program to provide advice, troubleshooting, role modeling, and celebrations with the family. Contact us to discuss ways your group can form a homeless support team to help a family into housing while supporting their financial and family goals for six months.
Contact Donna Freeman at 704-289-5300 donna.freeman@unionshelter.org for more information or to schedule a presentation at your church or community organization.

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