Step It Up Bicycle Program

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The Union County Community Shelter would like to introduce our “Step it Up” Bicycle Program. This newly formed enrichment program is designed to help the people we serve by providing them with bicycles as a mode of transportation; in addition it will allow us to teach responsibility, raise self-esteem and finally to teach a skill. Clients will be referred to this program by their case manager and a bicycle and lock will be assigned. We will then teach the client how to maintain their personal mode of transportation by learning how to perform a safety inspection, cleanliness, basic maintenance skills like changing tires, fixing brakes, etc. These will help them gain a sense of pride. Upon completion of the program the client will keep the bicycle for their continued use.

Ninety percent of our clients walk to and from job interviews, work or to personal errands. The Shelter offers transportation, but it is based on the number of volunteers we have on hand. We can make positive changes by giving them the opportunity to be empowered to take control of their personal situations. We estimate that we will need at least fifty bicycles this year. This is the reason we are asking for your assistance. Your donation would go a long way towards helping a people move towards their next phase in life. Please feel free to contact Joe Dilena (704) 681-1292 or John Schooley (704)-650-3640 for further information.

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