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The Union County Community Shelter or UCCS was operated by Crisis Assistance from 1985 – 1994 as a winter shelter open from December through March. The maximum capacity was 15 male clients.The results of a 1992 study of homelessness in Union County indicated the number of homeless was increasing. The need for comprehensive services to assist those individuals and families was evident.

Who We Are

The Union County Council on Homeless Prevention was formed in 1994 and became a United Way Agency.  With the support of United Way the shelter expanded the months of operation through April. The meal program was added in the spring of 1995, and plans to expand and renovate the facility to include women and families were developed.

Renovations were completed in October 1998 through the joint efforts of the City of Monroe, the Faith community and the private sector. The shelter currently accommodates men and women onsite and families with children through our motel program. We provide nutritious breakfast and dinner Monday through Friday and three meals on Saturday and Sunday via our meal programs for the hungry.

To further enhance services in our community the UCCS Board of Directors made the following changes in July of 2000:

In a January 2011 strategic planning session, the UCCS Board of Directors further defined the UCCS vision statement as “To help individuals or families achieve self-sufficiency and eliminate homelessness in our community.”  The mission statement was enhanced “to improve the quality of life in our community by providing shelter, food, clothing, guidance and love to those in need” while upholding the UCCS core values:

From 2012-present, UCCS has adopted a Rapid Rehousing approach to ending homelessness in our community.  Individuals and families must participate in case management planning to stabilize their health, income, and any obstacles that impede permanent housing.  With the assistance of a housing coordinator and case managers, clients are given resources and education to prepare for long term permanency success.  Moving residents from homelessness back into permanent housing is the number one goal for everyone served.  Special criteria including sober living, case management goal attainment, income stabilization, union county residency, and time limits allowed to stay in shelter support these efforts.  In 2014, the board approved a new mission statement with the vision to End Homelessness and Hunger in our Community.  The Union County Community Shelter provides food, emergency shelter and instruction to those individuals and families in need within our community.  We promote a pathway to self-sufficiency which includes income stabilization and permanent housing.:


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