Kitchen & Feeding Program

The calendar for meals is below, it is updated through the end of 2020. Available meals are in green, booked meals are in purple. If you do not see a slot in a particular meal/day, it is not available. You can scroll to future months by clicking the arrow button to the left of the month. To book a meal, contact our kitchen staff at (704) 261-3491 or at

To sign up for our Meal Openings Email List, click here to enter your information.

For a filtered list of our highest need meals (weekends, suppers, holidays) to fill for the rest of the year, go to Meal Dates.

Providing A Meal

The Community Shelter feeds approximately 56,000 hot meals a year at our Soup Kitchen. We provide a nutritional breakfast, lunch, and supper to the community’s homeless and low-income residents, acting as a stop-gap for those without the ability to otherwise acquire food on a regular basis. We have no criteria for eating at the Soup Kitchen, so anyone with a food hardship is welcome – no questions asked.

Our staff is ServSafe certified and we strive to maintain a healthy environment and serve a healthy menu.

Breakfast: 8 a.m.
Lunch: Noon
Dinner: 6 p.m.

We are fortunate to have over 130 churches, civic groups, businesses, and other organizations who provide and serve our meals throughout the year, but we always need more. To book a meal or for any questions, contact our kitchen staff at (704) 261-3491 or at Our calendar of booked and available meals is at the bottom of this page.


Health Guidelines

Health, hygiene, and safe food service are very important to us all. These guidelines help to ensure that both you and our clients are safe.

Additional Questions?

Please contact our kitchen staff at (704) 261-3491 or at

Food Donations

The Community Shelter accepts food donations between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. daily with the exception of meal hours (8 a.m., noon and 6 p.m.). Only properly handled and stored food will be accepted. 

Thank you for your service and commitment to the Community Shelter of Union County.


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