Chuck Norwood Memorial Tournament 2023 Tee Sheet

This tee sheet will be updated as we receive paid registrations. Gold and Silver sponsors have priority for assignment, followed by the time paid registrations that are received.

We will use split tees, meaning we will start on the 1st and 10th tees. Please arrive at least 45 minutes before your time on Wednesday, April 26, and thank you for supporting the Community Shelter of Union County.

2023 Tee Sheet

TeeTimePlayers TeeTimePlayers
1st tee8:24 a.m.Brian Schleicher10th tee8:24 a.m.1
Adam Holleman2
1st tee8:32 a.m.DWP - Daniel Wilson10th tee8:32 a.m.BCP - Matthew Belk
DWP - Stan CookBCP - Sam McLamb
DWP - Kevin PressleyBCP - Brett Rowland
DWP - Ken PressleyBCP - Jordan Hennessee
1st tee8:40 a.m.Integrity Wealth - Terry Estes10th tee8:40 a.m.
City of Monroe - Pete Hovanec
Integrity Wealth - Kris GreshamCity of Monroe - Bryan Gilliard
Integrity Wealth - Seth MillerCity of Monroe - Matthew Bunch
Integrity Wealth - Charlie EverettCity of Monroe - Chris Plate
1st tee8:48 a.m.Kevin Brittain10th tee8:48 a.m.Marcus Watson
Paul HalliburtonMatt Pawlowski
Michael LaddBryce Miller
Steffan MoranJoe Miller
1st tee8:56 a.m.Elevation Church - Chris Loukos10th tee8:56 a.m.Alloy Wealth - Reid Schmideler
Elevation Church - Paul ChabaiAlloy Wealth
Elevation Church - Terry BruceAlloy Wealth
Elevation Church - Jason SauderAlloy Wealth
1st tee9:04 a.m.Trebor Realty - Bob Faulkner10th tee9:04 a.m.JL Patkus
Trebor Realty - John CoshJackson Patkus
Trebor Realty - Clyde ApplebyBrandon Geise
Trebor Realty - Jim HarpleyMatthew Jordan
1st tee9:12 a.m.Piedmont Natural Gas - David Smith10th tee9:12 a.m.Forest Hill Waxhaw - Mike Atkins
Piedmont Natural Gas - Pierre AbryForest Hill Waxhaw - Patrick Brown
Piedmont Natural Gas - Brad HolbrookForest Hill Waxhaw - Russell Dippel
Piedmont Natural Gas - Todd BreeceForest Hill Waxhaw - Jeff Sones
1st tee9:20 a.m.McGee Corporation - Kevin McGee10th tee9:20 a.m.Johnstone Supply - Thomas Dupree
McGee Corporation - Todd McGeeJohnstone Supply - Jason Burnette
McGee Corporation - Branson McGeeJohnstone Supply - Cregg Richardson
McGee Corporation - Christian GiordanoJohnstone Supply - Chris Knight
1st tee9:28 a.m.Typar - Mark Tyson10th tee9:28 a.m.State Utility Contractors - David Lucas
Typar - Chris JenkinsState Utility Contractors - Bill Williams
Typar - Jason SchlappichState Utility Contractors - Scott Little
Typar - Rick LemmondState Utility Contractors - Justin Collins
1st tee9:36 a.m.Good Steward Ministries - Kevin Cabrera 10th tee9:36 a.m.Matt Briggs
Good Steward Ministries - Bill DavidsonJeff Merriott
Good Steward Ministries - Justin MarcinizynSean Morris
Good Steward Ministries - William DavidsonTBD
1st tee9:44 a.m.Talbert, Bright & Ellington - Patrick Turney10th tee9:44 a.m.John Schooley
Talbert, Bright & Ellington - Michael PlayerMorgan Schooley
Talbert, Bright & Ellington - Andrew ShookBen Wells
Talbert, Bright & Ellington - Brian SalyersHani Naba
1st tee1:13 p.m.SVHS - Mike Harvey10th tee1:13 p.m.Hendrick Construction - Dillon Hargett
SVHS - Shep StewartHendrick Construction - Jason Vosburg
SVHS - Kash KnightHendrick Construction - Fred Trumbower
SVHS - Mike GallagherHendrick Construction - Collin Hendrick
1st tee1:21 p.m.Patrica Mattox10th tee1:21 p.m.Spivey Insurance - Colby Spivey
Jim MattoxSpivey Insurance - Jordan Newsome
Sam MitchumSpivey Insurance - Zach Gregory
Pam MitchumSpivey Insurance - Thomas Allen
1st tee1:29 p.m.UDI - David Casper10th tee1:29 p.m.Hargett Electric - Jackson Hargett
UDI - Ben BurrHargett Electric - Jacob Hargett
UDI - David RogersHargett Electric
UDI - Jeff BassHargett Electric
1st tee1:37 p.m.Jesse Milliken10th tee1:37 p.m.George Sarno
Jimmy NorwoodBrian Hess
Alex HelmsBilly Guignard
Matt WoganBrandon Dyer
1st tee1:45 p.m.Helms Heating & Air - Chris Helms10th tee1:45 p.m.Union Power - Jake Thomas
Helms Heating & Air - Ron BrownUnion Power
Helms Heating & Air - George HowardUnion Power
Helms Heating & Air - Don RobinsonUnion Power
1st tee1:53 p.m.GCADA - Joe Maus10th tee1:53 p.m.1
GCADA - Jack Maus2
GCADA - Mike Maus3
GCADA - Jim Maus4
1st tee2:01 p.m.Bragg Mediation - Chris Bragg10th tee2:01 p.m.Local Logic - Dustin Gatliff
Bragg Mediation - Mike SigmonLocal Logic
Bragg Mediation - Ryan BraggLocal Logic
Bragg Mediation - Charlee BraggLocal Logic
1st tee2:09 p.m.Spencer Rowell10th tee2:09 p.m.1
Matt Streater2
Jim Bergdoll3
Scott Elis4
1st tee2:17 p.m.110th tee2:17 p.m.1
1st tee2:25 p.m.Merchant Foods - David Clements10th tee2:25 p.m.H.A.S.O.B
Merchant Foods - Jeff MaloneH.A.S.O.B
Merchant Foods - Kent BaldwinH.A.S.O.B
Merchant Foods - Terry JacksonH.A.S.O.B
1st tee2:33 p.m.110th tee2:33 p.m.1
Tee sheet for Chuck Norwood Memorial Tournament, April 26, 2023.


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