Chuck Norwood Memorial Tournament 2024 Tee Sheet

Welcome to the Tee Sheet update for the upcoming event. This Tee Sheet will be regularly updated as we receive paid registrations. Kindly note that sponsors will be given priority for assignment.

We’ll be utilizing split tees, commencing from both the 1st and 10th tees. To ensure a smooth experience, please arrive at least 45 minutes before your scheduled tee time on Wednesday, April 24.

Thank you for your generous support of the Community Shelter of Union County. Your participation is invaluable in making a positive impact in our community.

2024 Tee Sheet

TeeTimePlayers TeeTimePlayers
1st tee8:24 a.m.Jordan Hennessee10th tee8:24 a.m.1
Brett Rowland2
Sam McLamb3
Colby Barnette4
1st tee8:32 a.m.Pete Hovanec10th tee8:32 a.m.Brandon Spence
TBDElla Spence
TBDGreg Culbertson
TBDJ.R. Owen
1st tee8:40 a.m.Jackson Patkus10th tee8:40 a.m.
Jordan Griffin Rowell
Brandon GeiseSpencer Rowell
Mark MillerTee Leitner
Mark Miller, Sr.TBD
1st tee8:48 a.m.Justin Frashier10th tee8:48 a.m.Chuck Rideout
Sumo MaloneAndy Brooks
Shannen BretzJason Saunder
Mason SledgeTBD
1st tee8:56 a.m.Dale Schmidt10th tee8:56 a.m.1
Seth Brown2
Scott Little3
Jason Walker4
1st tee9:04 a.m.Scooter Marlow10th tee9:04 a.m.1
David Houge2
Matt Houge3
Noah Marlow4
1st tee9:12 a.m.Jason Grooms10th tee9:12 a.m.1
Dave Parker2
Garett Helms3
Leonard Coleman4
1st tee9:20 a.m.Kevin McGee10th tee9:20 a.m.1
Branson McGee2
Christian Giordano3
Kevin Leonard4
1st tee9:28 a.m.Patricia Mattox10th tee9:28 a.m.Terry Estes
Pam MitchumKris Gresham
Sam MitchumSeth Miller
Mark MitchumTBD
1st tee9:36 a.m.Andrew Asbury10th tee9:36 a.m.John Schooley
Chip AsburyMorgan Schooley
Walker AsburyRoss McComber
Carter AsburyChris Mattox
1st tee9:44 a.m.Adam Holleman10th tee9:44 a.m.John Hinkel
Allen DurstJohn Phifer
Aaron GrayDavid Sartain
Michael HouserNeil Sturgis
1st tee1:13 p.m.Mike Harvey10th tee1:13 p.m.Joe Forquer
Shep StewartScott Laws
Kash KnightEddie Leonhardt
TBDRebecca Leonhardt
1st tee1:21 p.m.Chris Helms10th tee1:21 p.m.Dustin Gatliff
Ron BrownJason Baucom
George HowardAlec Barnes
Don RobinsonNick Rushings
1st tee1:29 p.m.Ashley Rabon10th tee1:29 p.m.George Sarno
Randy KnightBill Guignard
Rodney SmithBrandon Dyer
Wes GrantMichael Patrick
1st tee1:37 p.m.Brian Adkinson10th tee1:37 p.m.Jackson Hargett
William SmithJack Hargett
Matthew KelchnerJacob Hargett
Issac JohnsonBryan Moffitt
1st tee1:45 p.m.Stacey Herndon10th tee1:45 p.m.Connor Rains
Mike AtkinsTommy Byrd
Shane FraserShawn Odum
TJ McNeelyWilson Bradley
1st tee1:53 p.m.Alex Helms10th tee1:53 p.m.Dillon Hargett
Archie MorganJason Vosburg
Addison MorganFred Trumbower
Emory AutmanJohn Liu
1st tee2:01 p.m.Grant Goodwin10th tee2:01 p.m.Hunter Selman
Steven McLendonJustin McCann
Nate BrubakerScott Divine
TBDSteve Moore
1st tee2:09 p.m.Kurt Dyck10th tee2:09 p.m.1
Jesse Milliken2
Gary Lawrence3
Mark May4
1st tee2:17 p.m.110th tee2:17 p.m.1
1st tee2:25 p.m.110th tee2:25 p.m.1
1st tee2:33 p.m.Kevin Cabrerra10th tee2:33 p.m.1
Justin Marcinizyn2
Colton Snodgrass3
Charlie Maness4
Tee sheet for Chuck Norwood Memorial Tournament, April 24, 2024.

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