Chuck Norwood Memorial Tournament 2021 Tee Sheet

This tee sheet will be updated as we receive paid registrations. Gold and Silver sponsors have priority for assignment, followed by the time paid registrations that are received. We will use split tees, meaning we will start on the 1st and 10th tees. Please arrive at least 45 minutes before your time on Wednesday, April 28, and thank you for supporting the Community Shelter of Union County.

TeeTimePlayers TeeTimePlayers
1st tee10:45 a.m.Vernon Kline10th tee10:45 a.m.Chris Loukos
Jeff MorrisPaul Chabai
David ClineTaylor Langston
Taylor NugentCarlos Hernandez
1st tee10:54 a.m.
Tee Leitner10th tee10:54 a.m.Lynn Kroeger
Spencer RowellCheyanne Nash
Ryan BraggShannen Bretz
Drew LawrenceJim Zorn
1st tee11:03 a.m.Michael Alvarez10th tee11:03 a.m.George Howard
Jason FunderburkRon Brown
Paul CollinsDon Robinson
Michael Wayne O'NeillDon Harris
1st tee11:12 a.m.Kevin McGee10th tee11:12 a.m.Dustin Gatliff
Marilyn RevierJon Heter
Todd McGeeTim Newton
William BrownTBA
1st tee11:21 a.m.Grant Goodwin10th tee11:21 a.m.Lynda Keziah
Tony Vande LindeAlexander Murphy
Steve McLendon
Allen Murphy
Nate BrubakerTeresa Murphy
1st tee11:30 a.m.Chris Spivey10th tee11:30 a.m.
Chris Bragg
Vann DowlessMike Sigmon
Matt MillsKathy Bragg
Mitchell RowellEvie Sigmon
1st tee11:39 a.m.Matthew Belk10th tee11:39 a.m.Mike Atkins
Jordan HennesseePatrick Brown
Sam McLambJeff Sones
Brett RowlandRussel Dippel
1st tee11:48 a.m.Richard Long10th tee11:48 a.m.1
Nolan Mcbride2
Davey Plyler3
Terry Sholar4
1st tee11:57 a.m.Jackson Hargett10th tee11:57 a.m.David Clements
Colby SpiveyJeff Malone
Jacob HargettTerry Jackson
Austin SnipesKent Baldwin
1st tee12:06 p.m.David Rogers10th tee12:06 p.m.Ashley Rabon
Mark DunnRodney Smith
Nick RobbinsWes Grant
Jeremy McateerRandy Knight
1st tee12:15 p.m.Chris Helms10th tee12:15 p.m.Michael Harvey
Joseph KellyShep Stewart
Seth BakerTroy King
Jeremy TarletonAustin Knight
1st tee12:24 p.m.Michael Morello10th tee12:24 p.m.1
Ryan Butler2
Matt Markey3
Eric Olson4
1st tee12:33 p.m.David Whitley Sr.10th tee12:33 p.m.Buddy Brewer
Phillip RushingWill Brewer
John ReeseRobert Miiddlemas
Bill Norwood
Jason Wicker
1st tee12:42 p.m.Pat Turney10th tee12:42 p.m.1
Brian Salyers2
Andy Shook3
John Harmath4
1st tee12:51 p.m.Greater Charlotte Auto Dealers10th tee12:51 p.m.Jimmy Norwood
Greater Charlotte Auto DealersGeorge Sarno
Greater Charlotte Auto DealersJesse Milliken
Greater Charlotte Auto DealersThomas Vidak
1st tee1 p.m.John Schooley10th tee1 p.m.Mark Tyson
Mike RileyEvan Jenkins
Jason CroweAnson Jenkins
TBAChad Rogers


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