I am a single mom with 3 kids, and I have worked every day of my life to provide for my family. I am working at a dry cleaners for minimum wage and it is so hard to pay for everything.  I lost my apartment because I got behind on my rent and even though my landlord let me slide by, I could never catch up. (The apartment was too expensive for my income to start with).

I became homeless with literally no place to turn.  I found the Union County Community Shelter and met with a case manager. He saw something in me and decided to place me in the motel program for 3 weeks. The shelter paid for the motel while I saved my money. While in the motel program, a shelter case manager worked with me on my budgeting skills. The housing coordinator located an apartment for me in my home community that was within walking distance of my job.

My kids did not have to change schools, and the apartment WAS AFFORDABLE for my budget ($250 cheaper a month than the last one).  My case manager referred me to DSS who paid my security deposit and half of first month’s rent, and the shelter paid the other half of my first month’s rent. I paid my utility deposits with my savings and still had money left over to start saving for next month’s rent. Now that I am stable, I am great candidate for a better job at one of the poultry plants that is hiring at a higher wage. My case manager will continue to support me and my family with case management for the next 12 months. My goal is to be completely independent and off all assistance programs at the end of the 12 months.

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